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We are very encouraged with the great response we have received from all our well wishers during this campaign. With all your support and help we were able to raise as much as Rs. 193,655. In addition to the raised funds, we also won bonus prize of Rs. 43,685 towards the end of the challenge.This amount will enable us to send 100 children to school for one year.

Here is a video for you which was taken during a visitor’s visit to village Dadmia located in Jhadol block of Udaipur, Rajasthan. This video will give you a feel of our Rural Schools located in remote villages there is vibrancy and curiosity amongst these tribal children to learn more. We hope you will like it.

Once again many thanks for your support.


Story of Hope


For the first time in three years, Githmal did not go to Gujurat to work in the cotton fields. His eldest brother, who usually tends the fields at home, has gone in his place. In Gujurat he made 100 rupees a month, 20 of which were deducted for meals and accommodation. In the end, he received closer to 80 rupees a month. At 13 years old, Githmal has only attended one month of school several years ago. His inability to read, write or count proved especially challenging during his work in Gujurat where he was not quite sure if he was receiving fair wages for the work he was doing and could not fully advocate for himself.


When he was still an infant, his father developed a mental illness and was unable to work or care for the family. Githmal and his elder brother were then looked upon to financially support their mother and two younger sisters. Over the past year and a half, however, Githmal’s sisters, who are now older, have begun helping their mother at home, tending to the livestock (2 oxen and 5 goats) and fields. One of his younger sisters, Lanka, is also attending camp with him. Lanka also attended a Shiksha Kendra/NFE last year.


Both his mother and brother urged him to attend camp this year after a Seva Mandir Zone coordinator visited their village to inform the community about the upcoming camp. Before coming to camp he considered enrolling in a local Non-Formal School like his sister. Yet when he went, he was discouraged by how young the children were and felt that he was too old to join the class. When he saw the bus loading up to take children from his village to the residential camp at Kaya this month he saw that there were older children and thus felt at ease about attending.


Githmal likes his teachers, the camp and the atmosphere at the residential learning camp. He is enjoying both Hindi and Math subjects. He does not want to return to work in the cotton fields and is hoping to enroll in an NFE and tend to the field at home. He would like to continue his studies even after marriage and would like to marry an educated girl. Yet he is not sure whether that will ever happen. When asked about what he would like to become, Githmal responds with a stark wariness beyond his years “I don’t want to dream big. I will take things as they come.”
On the last two days of the GiveIndia challenge we look to stories such as Githmal’s to see the potential impacts each donation made to the Children of Udaipur. Please consider the difference you can make in each child’s life by taking a minute to send this on or offer funds for the support of their education and therefore livelihoods.
Thanks once again!


With the help of volunteers, employees and friends Seva Mandir’s Joy of Giving public outreach event was a great success. In the Celebration Mall on Saturday and Sunday evening Seva Mandir spread the word about Joy of Giving week to Udaipur locals. It was not an event to be missed, with all attention drawn to our booth, music and Giving Trees, everyone made an effort to write a message for the Children of Udaipur. Though not the goal of our public event we managed to fundraise over Rs. 3,500! A great help to our GiveIndia challenge and surely a great start to the rest of our public events in Udaipur.

We would like to thank everyone who came to show support, those who donated, and everyone who wrote messages for our Children of Udaipur for the Joy of Giving week.

With only 9 days left in the give India challenge we look at this event as a success story and continue to move forward.

Please help us fundraise and continue to spread the word about Seva Mandir’s children of Udaipur who need your help.

Caption Contest

Today Seva Mandir is putting your creativity skills to the test. We have selected one photo that is either not what you expect or is cropped so you have to guess what the rest of the picture looks like. Your objective is to write a great caption for the photo, whether it’s funny, serious or just true, Seva Mandir will decide which caption best suits the photo.


Caption: “This guy* really is holy”                                                  *guy in Hindi=cow

Comment on the picture below to compete and have a chance to win a truly wonderful story about one of our rural schools. This school is one of the many where the children of Udaipur receive our support to provide education every day. So take a minute to write a short caption for the photo to win the prize of the heartwarming story about the school children and their daily routine in the rural Kotala village school.

Show your support to the children of Udaipur and spread the word of this unique and simple contest on this day of the Joy of Giving week.

Picture #1: Create a caption for this photo to be entered in this caption contest!

Pay it Forward


Today on the third day of the Joy of Giving week we propose to all of our friends to spend the day “Paying it Forward”. For anyone who hasn’t heard of this idea, paying it forward is a concept of giving or doing something without expecting anything in return, instead the idea is to pay it forward and pass on another good deed.

Here are some examples of how to “pay it forward”:

  • While in a drive thru pay for the person behind you
  • Bring a treat or snack in to work for everyone to enjoy
  • Help someone carry their groceries
  • Write thoughtful notes for strangers (Enjoy your day!)
  • Donate to your favourite charity
  • OR…. Anything else to spread the happiness and the word about Joy of Giving week

The most important part of paying it forward is telling the person that you are doing it as a pay it forward and instead of paying you back they should “pay it forward”. If we can spread joy around by paying it forward we are giving that much more to Joy of Giving week. On behalf of Seva Mandir please join in pay it forward, take pictures and show us how you are giving joy today and the rest of the week!

Post your photos on our Facebook page so we can see all that you are doing to pay if forward and support Joy of Giving Week.

Also don’t forget we are still involved in the GiveIndia challenge, maybe this could be your way of paying it forward to help Seva Mandir achieve our goal of Rs 480,000!
Thanks for your support and involvement!



Give for Joy of Giving Week!

To kick off the month of October, we are ushering in Joy of Giving Week! Join our team at Seva Mandir from October 2nd through October 8th to give something back: whether it be food, money, school supplies, or even a good deed – the spirit of Joy of Giving Week is to contribute anything we can to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Check out the video below to learn more about Joy of Giving Week:

Over seventy cities and one million people all over India are involved in this festival of philanthropy, but we warmly invite our friends both in and out of India to take the time to give something back to someone where ever you may be in the world.

Stay updated on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages as we post Seva Mandir’s progress for Joy of Giving Week. To start off with Day 1, comment below on what you plan to do for Joy of Giving Week.

Below is a small list of ideas to consider:

  • -pick up garbage around your local neighbourhood or city
  • -donate pencils, notebooks, and other stationary to a local school
  • -cook or buy small treats to give out to strangers
  • -volunteer for a day at a special needs school or retirement home
  • -smile and say hello to five people you don’t know on transit

Check out more ideas through the ‘Smile Deck’:

What will you be doing for Joy of Giving Week?

More on the RTE Act

Following the blog entry we posted yesterday on the potential impact of the RTE Act, we had an interesting question asked by one of our friends on our Facebook page – Devangana asked us to shed a little bit more light on the intricacies of the RTE act and what the specific criteria are for a school to be mandated.

We thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and publish some of the requirements mentioned that threaten Seva Mandir’s rural schools.

Found in Section 16 of the RTE Act are the minimum educational requirements for teachers:

A person appointed as a teacher within six months of the commencement of the Act, must possess at least the academic qualifications not lower than higher secondary school certificate or equivalent.

The teachers are recruited with minimum qualifications as laid under section 23(1) of the Act. Provided further that the current teachers who, at the commencement of this Act do not possess minimum qualifications shall acquire such minimum qualifications with in a period of 5 years’

The restrictions on sanitation and facilities are found in the Appendix of the RTE Act:

‘The School shall maintain the standards and norms of the school as specified in section 19 of the Act. The facilities reported at the time of last inspection are as given under:-

  • Area of school campus
  • Total built up area
  • Area of play ground
  • No. of class rooms
  • Room for Headmaster-cum-office-cum-storeroom
  • Separate toilet for boys and girls
  • Drinking water facility
  • Kitchen for cooking mid-day meal
  • Barrier free access”

Even more information can be found in the RTE Act at:

These are all criteria which could affect Seva Mandir’s Rural Schools programme as they do not allow much leeway for the type of non-formal education which we operate; an operation which has as its ultimate goal the enrollment and regular attendance of children into formal government schools.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions on this issue, either here or on our Facebook page.

Thank you once again for your generosity in supporting our campaign for the ‘Children of Udaipur. Here is the link to our iGive page if you would like to donate: